A pretty good guide for dropshipping on Shopify

0. Preface

Dropshipping is the act of selling goods straight from suppliers to customers without keeping any of your own inventory. You sell goods to consumers at a higher price than what you buy them for, and only order the product from a cheap online marketplace when you have an order. It's not the most ethical way of starting a business but is ideal for going from $0 to a livable income since there's almost no fixed costs. As long as you're making more than $30 a month to pay for shopify and have a reasonable ads budget, you're pocketing money on every sale.

To start, you'll need to set up a store on Shopify and add the Oberlo app. This app will let you order products from AliExpress, a marketplace where suppliers in China will list inexpensive items that you will be selling in your store. You will essentially act as a middleman - the essential skills that will dictate your success are how well you can market, design a website and problem solve.

1. Pick a product area

Ideal products: Something niche, trendy, has a high profit margin with low competition

Here's the criteria for picking one in order of importance (best if they fit all but popularity/hype matters above all else):

Or, if you want, make custom designs (or hire someone on Fiverr) and sell apparel that relates to a niche (ex. Selling custom socks using Print on Demand). To me, this is much harder to grow but has much more potential to become a long-term source of income. Also, Print on Demand allows you to make custom apparel only when you get orders which means you're never spending money out of pocket. Only downside is that, in my experience, it's more expensive than dropshipping.

If you're selling apparel, it's often cheaper to contact a supplier to use a supplier on Aliexpress rather than print on demand:

Choosing the right products is the most important part of this process. You can even start a store with just one product


2. Make a legit looking Shopify store + use apps

3. Setting up Google Adwords

Set up a campaign for clicks targeting Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and use your brain to think of relevant keywords, set your max CPC. (cost per click) to 0.21 to start out and gradually increase if you want to 0.24, 0.27, 0.31. If you want, do a daily budget of around 40 dollars and increase that too as you scale.

Note: Anything that's blacked out in the following examples is an identifier to my store. Replace them with store specific keywords of your own.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions via email at [email protected] - I'd be happy to help!

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